New Site Launched

Sunday 4th October 2020.

After 4 Years away from live streaming ( Other than our 2 Birthday Weekenders ), we have seen the way people tune into music change, and to be fair we have watched a lot of stations fall flat on their faces because of the DREADED (in ya face, some dick with a controller on their kitchen side so now i’m a DJ) Facebook Stream.

The 1st of October saw a slight change ( well atleast a conformation of reinforcement ) of Facebooks streaming licence, with regard to music.

Other platforms may follow with banning your accounts. We have decided to take full advantage of 14 years of social media presents before our beloved social streams (that really did kill radio in the 1st place) are closed.

All is not lost! Nu-Perception Radio is and will continue to stream live on Mixcloud, Youtube, and the website.

Catch Up shows will be on both Mixcloud & Youtube

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